Geocaching Essentials

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Geocaching Adventures, Geocaching Equipment, Tips and Advice
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Plan on spending the entire day geocaching? You might need more than a GPS to have a successful trip. It can be a rough experience being outside all day in the sun, jumping from rock to rock, or climbing over tough terrain. I know there have been many occasions when I was geocaching and I did not enjoy my adventure because I forgot to bring an important tool or article of clothing with me. Geocaching can be dangerous if you’re not prepared.

Shoes, Hat, First Aid, Tweezers, Pen, Watch, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Flashlight, Sunblock, Backpack

A backpack to carry all of your items is vital. I chose this backpack because it is large enough to hold multiple items and it appropriately blends in with nature. It also has many side pockets which makes it easier to organize your belongings.

Staying out of the sun is important for your skin and your overall health. Your body will thank you later in life when you wear a hat with a visor (shown above) and plenty of sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen multiple times during the day so you’ll stay protected and skin cancer free! Sunglasses are a plus if you need some extra protection.

Heavy duty sneakers or boots are essential if you plan on exploring outdoors. Shoes with arch support will support your back after a long day of bending and climbing. And speaking of climbing – bringing a first aid kit with you in case you fall and hurt yourself can come in handy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Some other bonus essentials include a flashlight in case it gets dark sooner than you expected, a pen to sign the logbooks inside the geocaches, tweezers for extracting geocaches from difficult to reach areas, and a watch to keep track of time.

Last but certainly not least – drink plenty of water! Water will hydrate your body so you can have the energy to be outside all day and not feel dehydrated.

Geocaching with a friend is the safest way to explore, but if you decide to go alone, always tell someone where you are going and bring a cell phone in case of an emergency.

What are your geocaching essentials? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Janay Camey says:

    Great website i love it. always recommendSuggest to all my friends and they love it to. Huge Theme i love it. Always vouch to all my friends and they love it to.

  2. […] Lia has a helpful list of extras on one of her blogposts titled “Geocaching Essentials” […]

  3. Tony says:

    Thanks for this, I have been compiling things for my Geocaching Bag and was pa-rosing the net for things I’ve missed. Definitely wouldn’t have had a first aid kit of any sort. When my Bag is done, I’ll post it and send you the link.

    • I’m so glad you found this to be helpful! I always try to bring a first aid kit, especially for those difficult finds. I would love to see what you pack for your geocaching adventures. Please keep me posted!

  4. dreamcatchwriter says:

    Hi Lia. I’m new to geocaching and I’m so glad I ran across this post! I didn’t think about all the essentials I’d need when I go hiking for some cache. Truly, I was planning on bringing just my phone for pictures and gps app, a pen to sign the log, and maybe a trade item or two. Definitely going to have to put a bag together before I head out.

    Thank you for your post and awesome site!

  5. […] During this search I ran across a geocaching blog post that had just what I needed to know. “Geocaching Essentials” by College Cacher is a great read for beginner cachers unaware of things they might need […]

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