Desert Stashes

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Geocaching Adventures
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Over the Thanksgiving break, I decided to hunt down a few geocaches before stuffing my face with turkey and mashed potatoes. I chose to look around the Dreamy Draw Mountain Preserve because it is a geocacher’s paradise! Hundreds of geocaches are hidden in the area and with temperatures in the mid 60’s, I couldn’t resist spending the entire day outside!

This was my first find of the day, named Lizard Gulch (GC1NTV3). In a desert landscape, it’s easier to spot a geocache because it is usually hidden under an abnormally large rock pile, which looks suspicious to geocachers but appears unnoticeable to non-geocachers.

This was another fun, quick find named Red, Rousse, Rojo (GC1Z5WH). The difficulty rating on this one was 2.5 stars because it was cleverly hidden in a wash with a lot of rocks and bushes. After I signed the log, I decided to hike upward to find a geocache hidden on top of a peak with a breathtaking view.

Yogi’s Gold (GCHPJT) was well worth the climb. The large canister contained a zip blocked bag (pictured above) and contained some trading cards, toys and of course, the log book. I admired the beautiful view of the Phoenix area and then decided it was time to head home. It’s breathtaking moments like these when I stop and realize how thankful I am to experience nature at its finest.

What do you think?

Have you discovered beautiful scenery while you were geocaching? I’d love to hear from you!

Don’t know what Geocaching is? Find out here!

  1. Geo-Gear says:

    The scenery is one of our favorite things about geocaching. We always try to take the big camera with us to get some shots while we’re out. It is absolutely amazing what spots geocaching will take you to. Happy Caching!

  2. Scott golz says:

    Hey Lia, great blog. I’ve been caching for a few months now and I’m completely hooked. A friend and I drove from rhode island to Connecticut to hike 4 miles into Douglas State Forest. We found multiple caches as well as a benchmark. The big prize was finding the tri-state marker. This granite structure was the exact point where Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts meet. I was technically in three states at once. How many people can say that? All thanks to this new hobby called Geocaching.

  3. Wow! How cool is that? Thanks for reading!

  4. I quite like reading through an article that can make people think.

    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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