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Posted: December 7, 2010 in Geocaching Adventures
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When I told a good friend of mine about geocaching, she thought I was crazy. “There are over one million hidden containers in the world? And there is one nearby us right now?” she asked. I had to prove to her that this hobby is real. I turned on my geocaching app on my phone, and found one that was located about two-thousand feet away from where we were standing. Suddenly, we jumped out of our seats and headed outside to find the prize. She also insisted on wearing a head lamp.

We hopped on the Light Rail and got off on the next stop. After we searched the surrounding area for a few minutes, I zoned in on this little geocache, named Stick’em Up (GC1MH33).

My friend was so shocked to see how many people have found this cache previously. She had absolutely no idea that a hobby like this existed. Once we signed the log, we headed back and logged our experience on It was really special to share my new found hobby with a friend and have someone to go on future geocaching adventures with.

Who do you take on geocaching adventures with? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your response!

  1. Kelly Rysten says:

    Great blog again, Lia! I go geocaching with my husband. We discovered geocaching at the same time and we have found all our caches together except for one, which is at a baseball card store that I frequent. So far I haven’t met anybody else I can geocache with but I think it’s best that Gary and I stick together. It would be hard to go along on a hunt to a cache that I had already found without spoiling it for him. Keep up the good work!

  2. Scott says:

    Since starting caching I have likely explained the hobby to a hundred people (WAY more if you count the GPS education sessions I’ve worked at). Most or nearly all think I am nuts. But it is so great when you can find someone who thinks it is a cool, fun thing. My best friend does not have a ID, but is very willing to come along whenever I go caching. My kids love it too, which I am thankful for.

    Do you cache with other people? Besides your headlamp-festooned friend, that is..

    • I definitely agree! My boyfriend and I like to go together, but we are long-distance right now so I’m lucky to have great friends who don’t mind trying it out. It’s funny trying to explain to someone what geocaching is, they look at me like I’m crazy too! That’s why I always invite them to come along so they can get addicted too 😉

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