It’s always a joy to find a geocache, but sometimes the container can become repetitive or ordinary. When I discover a geocache in a unique container, the experience becomes more memorable instantly. They are the kind of finds that I like to tell my friends and family about and I love when I find them unexpectedly. Creative containers don’t have to be complex and difficult to hide. Today I’ll share with you some creative ideas for creating containers at home, or where you can pick one up for cheap.

Creatively Camouflaged

Rock geocache container

I found this creative cache container at my local REI store, and I think it is the perfect container for those who are looking for a container that is both sturdy and unique. I hid one myself and it has lasted through heavy weather conditions. It blends in perfectly with most environments and is a fun treat to find!


Log Geocache

If you don’t have the cash to buy a cache, you can easily make one at home! Just drill a hole into anything you think would make a good container (does it blend in well with the environment? will it protect the log from storms?) and seal it up! That’s it!

Want to see the most creative cache I’ve found so far?

I found this one when I was visiting family in Tampa, FL. The GPS took me to an old shed located next to a baseball field. The size of the container was not specified the hint was “not a glue.” As I was searching near an electrical box, I noticed a pipe coming from the ground with a gardening hose attached. I pulled the pipe right up from the ground and found the cache inside. So clever!

Do you make and hide creative caches? What is the most creative cache you have found? Leave a comment and let me know!

  1. Great pics- Great blog- I am always stunned by the lengths cachers go for a good hide. Can’t wait to find a level 5 someday!

  2. Just found your blog, some interesting topics! Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for reading! I always enjoy finding caches that are out of the ordinary.

  4. borgen says:

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  5. Gregg says:

    I love creative containers! It is what keeps me going with caching. Just about the time I get bored with Png’s and all the typical hides or puzzle caches someone throws me the unexpected creative hide or container that leads me to log another 40 or more caches till the next one. Thanks for the write up on this.

  6. Matt "FDWhitey" W says:

    Looks like you haven’t been on this blog in a while… but incase you pick it back up I subscribed. Kinda inspired me to consider doing a cache blog myself.

    Happy caching 🙂

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